Taste and benefits in the line of grain breads Kievkhlib.


Discover the rich content of fiber, vitamins and minerals in the grain cereal line – give your body the energy all day long!

Bread is a universal product that people have been using for millennia ,because it contain a set of B vitamins, vitamins A, K and E, as well as a number of microelements that are useful to the body.

Every year, with each new generation, the range of bakery is expanding to satisfy as many consumer tastes as possible. And today, on the wave of popularity of a healthy lifestyle on the market, there is a demand for grain cereals.

Yes, useful can be made even more useful. In support of this our technologists have united unsurpassed taste, quality and benefits in the line of healthy breads Kievkhlib. Breads of the trade mark Kievkhlib: “Fitness”, “Spelt”, “Oatmeal” with flax have not left the indifferent consumer due to the individual taste and perfectly balanced composition of the product.

Bread “Oatmeal” with flax gives double benefits! It is enriched with oat flakes, which improve digestion, lower the level of cholesterol and flaxseeds that cleans the body, stabilizes the level of sugar in the blood, promotes the health of the skin and hair.

Bread “Spelt” with pumpkin seeds due to the content of whole wheat flour sputum contributes to healthy digestion, strengthens the immune system and improves blood circulation.

Bread “Fitnes” with seeds – dark bar with malty aroma. Bread is rich in grains and seeds, and this is the source of “complex” carbohydrates, which give a load of power and energy for the whole day.

Useful information for the consumer:

Remember that complete product information is indicated on the label. Pay attention to the term of implementation, energy value. As part of the bread, the list of ingredients is listed in order of preference according to the formulation. In a simple recipe, bread will have several ingredients, but a long list does not mean that the buyer has come across a low-quality product; many producers add natural additives to the premium varieties of bread: flax, cumin, raisins, walnut, and others.