“Kyivkhlib” has become a leader in prizes awarded by International Forum IFFIP 2018


“Kyivkhlib” company has proven again its hard-won leadership in Ukrainian bakery market. At International Forum of Food Industry and Packaging (IFFIP) 2018, “Kyivkhlib” has won the largest number of prizes among all participating bakery companies of the whole country. The expert judges of the international forum have awarded 20 diplomas for 2018 best bakery products and 13 diplomas for 2018 best packaging design to none other than “Kyivkhlib”.

The most prestigious competition of bread and bakery products was hosted by All-Ukrainian Association of Bakers and TOV “Kyiv International Contract Fairy” working to promote the products of bakery industry, boost innovations and professional prestige. That makes these awards even more valuable for our team, as they illustrate our company’s everyday efforts.

The winners were awarded during International Forum of Food Industry and Packaging (IFFIP). Within three days, the event was attended by circa 10 thousand visitors.

“Kyivkhlib” exhibition displays as well the displays of other members of Association of Bakers have presented the wide variety of products to meet the requirements and to satisfy tastes of every customer, and the round loaves made by the bakery artists embellished the exposition.

In nomination of “Malt rye bread made of wheat and rye flour mixture”, the diplomas were awarded to our products as follow below:

  • Bread “Homemade rye”;
  • Bread “Petrykivka”;
  • Bread “Finnish”;

In the same nomination, the 2nd degree diplomas were awarded to:

  • Bread “Baltic dark with sunflower seeds”;
  • Bread “Velvet”;

The 3rd degree diplomas were awarded to the products listed below:

  • Bread “Narichansk”;
  • Cocoa cookies;
  • Sweet stick biscuits 1 kg;

In nomination of “Sweet bakery products”, “Kyivkhlib” was awarded the 1st degree diploma for the products:

  • Buns “Snails” with poppy seed filling;
  • Kyiv sweet buns;
  • Kyiv sweet buns with black currant;
  • Kyiv sweet buns with cherry;

In nomination of “Wheat confectionary”, the principal metropolitan bakery “Kyivkhlib” was awarded with the 1st degree diploma for festive products:

  • Cake “Easter”;
  • Cake “Sofiya Easter Cake”;
  • Cake “Volodymir”;
  • Cake “Berry” with black currant;
  • Cake “Berry” with cherry;

The 2nd degree diplomas were awarded to such tasty products as:

  • Cake “Berry” with blueberry;
  • Cookies with vanillin flavor;
  • “Sweet corn” cookies;
  • Cookies “Buckwheat”;
  • Ginger cookies;
  • Bread “Velvet”;
  • Bread “Finnish”;

The packaging of the products was highly praised, too. In nomination “Best packaging design for bakery products”, “Kyivkhlib” won two prizes: the 1st degree diploma for:

  • Bread “Velvet rye”;
  • Bread “Petrykivka”;

The 1st degree diploma for best packaging of wheat products was awarded to:

  • Fruit stick biscuits;
  • Sweet stick biscuits, 0.05 kg;
  • Sweet stick biscuits, 0.2 kg;
  • Sweet stick biscuits, 0.4 kg;
  • Cookies “Buckwheat”;
  • Cookies “Sweet corn”;
  • Ginger cookies;
  • Cocoa cookies;
  • Cookies with vanillin flavor;

It should be noted that this year International Forum of Food Industry and Packaging (IFFIP) 2018 managed to invite over 200 participants from different countries. Along with Ukrainian bakers, there were visitors from Belarus, Belgium, Poland, Slovenia, Turkey and Czech Republic.