Everything best for children!


“How much bread are baked for the day?”, “How do pretzels and dry sticks work?”, “Why are the cuts on the loaf?” – By these questions  the atmosphere of the production site of one of the largest bakery enterprises in Kyiv are filled up.Winter holidays were completed and cognitive excursions continued in the Production Department №7-8 of the Kyivkhlib company. Our guests are students of educational institutions from different regions of Ukraine, students of the University of Food Technologies, children’s artistic groups.Introduction to the production lasts an hour and begins with the story of our guide about the origin of bread, the history of the bakery and instruction for children and their attendants. After this obligatory point, each guest receives the necessary clothes and reveals the secret of the preparation of fragrant bread. After all, a tour of Kyivhlib’s production starts with a bakery shop, where children watch for mixing the dough, forming, baking and packing fresh bread. Next – the bakery and ram shop, and young visitors here are in full delight from the process of cooking appetizers, straws, crackers and pretzels.Tourists watch the work of specialists who invest warmth in the production of products. The guide tells attentive listeners about the traditions of bakery, the important work of bakers and answers questions. In the end, our guests receive sweet gifts, and the smallest visitors – and exclusive booklets with interesting interactive adventures of the favorite heroes of Muni, Osi and Tyapi, which are depicted on the package of straw. That is why our tourists are not coming out with empty hands, with new knowledge and wonderful mood!