Be closer to the consumer


In a modern market and a fierce competition manufacturers, to maintain a position, it is not enough to produce a quality product. Today it is necessary to maintain a continuous dialogue with the consumer, to understand trends, to change the tastes, to be in development and to be interesting.


Kyivkhlib always strives to be closer to the consumer and holds presentations-tasting of its products. This time Kyivkhlib offered to visitors of Fozzi, Ashan, Metro shopping centers to taste new types of bread: the “Fine” baton, Oleksandri Bread, Oatmeal Bread with Flax, Fit Bread with Seeds, Bread ” Toast “ cereal, Bread “Toast light”, Bread “Toast dark”, Bread« Finnish ».

Benefits of tasting:

– attraction of attention of the potential buyer;

– stimulating sales directly from a sales outlet;

– Branding in the background of competitors;

– familiarization of the client with the new product;

– the consumer has the opportunity to make sure of the goods.

And, of course, the main advantage of tasting is the immediate dialogue of the manufacturer with the consumer. Thanks to the Kyivhlib tasting presentations that were held in prime time and averaged about 400-500 visitors to trading networks, we heard that: “Light toast attracts its soft texture, and” Aleksandrovskiy “is an ideal option for sandwiches “. The “Gourmet” Baton was compared to consumers and noted that it is better to use it with jam to tea or with milk. Proponents of proper nutrition were allocated during the tasting Oatmeal Bread with flaxseed and Toast Cereal in the presence of a useful for digestion of cereals.


Our tastings will go on – join